The Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum Aquarium Experience


The sea is beautiful, mysterious, and menacing. What lies beneath was put on display earlier this month after the grand opening of the Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum in Miami, Florida. The design parallels the experience of submerging the ocean. I began touring the four story museum on the top level where there was open water and descended each floor to experience the diverse sea life that inhabit different depths. Everything from the seahorse to the hammerhead shark was housed in the display. Like humans, sea creatures must form relationships to survive the dangerous world they live in. Parasitism, commensalism, and mutualism are three types of relationships that can form above ground and under the sea, mutualism, of course, being optimal for every creature involved. We all know a parasite; the person who never pays back borrowed money or the telemarketer exploiting a senile older man. Under water, it’s the worm who latches on and feeds from fish gills.

Of course, this trip sent my imagination into overdrive. I was inspired by the beautiful sea creatures and envisioned living in their world. I was able to mimic the way the fish swam in my own imagined underwater world thanks to a collaboration Roli Photography from Peru.

Olvídate los que no nadan contigo en par…
                                                                                                            ….Que de peces está muy lleno el mar….

Discounted tickets can be found through Culture Shock Miami for $2.50. Below is a preview of some of the creatures you can discover!

Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum
1101 Biscayne Blvd| Miami, FL 33132

For more information on the exhibits, click on the link below:
Phillip and Patrica Frost Science Museum


Marc Jacobs Dew Drop Coconut Gel Highlighter


I finally received my complimentary coconut glow highlighter by Marc Jacobs in the mail from Influenster and I am loving it! The product came in a black Marc Jacobs branded vox box. Safely tucked inside layers of wrapping paper was a brand new bottle of coconut glow dew drop highlighter, just in time for summer! I was excited to get my hands on the sleek pill shaped chrome accented bottle with pull-off white cap. A simple push-pump dispenses pearls of shiny highlighter that you can dab onto your skin for a subtle glow. The delightful hint of coconut scent on your cheekbones plays off an island vibe. If your dull winter skin needed an SOS, Marc Jacob’s dew drop coconut gel highlighter has come to your rescue!

I applied the coconut glow dew drops across my cheeks and blended them in with a blush brush. I was happy with the way the gel complimented my skin and created a subtle glow when I angled my cheekbones to the light. I had a chance to shoot the product poolside. Below are some images so you can see my #coconutglow in the sunlight. Thanks again, Influenster!

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Photo Credit: Vic Pinto

What is an Allergy ¿Qué es una Alergia?


What is an allergy?

“Our bodies can react in a dramatic way sometimes!”

Everybody has an immune system! Immune systems are a part of our bodies that fight off germ invaders that can make us sick. Usually, our bodies can get rid of the invaders without any problems. Sometimes, our bodies think that special foods, animals, or things are invaders. When we are exposed to these invaders, our bodies will react in self-defense because they are confused about who the dangerous invaders might be. In fact, our bodies are so confused that they overreact to allergens, the substances that our body thinks are invaders, and cause our bodies to change in response to them. Our bodies can really be dramatic sometimes!

“Is it degranulation at first sight, or should I float by again?”

A cartoon depiction of a type I hypersensitivity. Upon first exposure of an allergen, B cells are stimulated by CD-4 and TH-4 helper cells to produce IgE antibodies.

For example, some kids can eat peanuts without any problem but in other cases, kids that have allergies to peanuts will have a reaction against them and can have different problems like being sleepy, sneezing a lot, skin redness and itchiness. Sometimes, if our bodies really overreact to the allergens, or things that it thinks are invaders, it can cause us to swell up so much that we can have trouble breathing. This can be a big emergency and can really cause damage if we aren’t careful!

On a second exposure of an allergen, IgE binds to mast cells which release their contents through a process called degranulation. Histamine granules make blood vessels “leaky” and also cause them to get larger in diameter!

When people have allergies that cause their bodies to overreact to the point where they have problems breathing, it is important to know about how to deal with this. When you can’t breathe, you are having an emergency. If you see somebody who can’t breathe or is turning blue, call 911!

What Can be an Allergen?


Allergic Emergency

epipenjewelry Some people who know they have bad allergies that can cause an emergency wear special jewelry that says what their allergy is. Other people carry around an EpiPen. Doctors and physician assistants can order this medicine for special patients. This medicine can help that overreactive immune system go back to normal.



¿Qué es una alergia?

 ¡Nuestros cuerpos pueden reaccionar en una manera dramático a veces!

Todo el mundo tiene un sistema inmunológico. El sistema inmunológico nos ayuda a combatir enfermedades y a mantenernos sanos. Es la parte de nuestro cuerpo que combate contra las substancias y gérmenes que nos invaden, y que nos hacen enfermos.

A veces, nuestro sistema inmunológico se confunde y piensa que ciertas substancias son dañinas cuando en realidad no son. Estas se consideran substancias alérgenas.

Ciertos animales, alimentos, plantas, u otras substancias pueden ser consideradas substancias alergenas, y pueden causar alergias en ciertas personas.

Los sistemas inmunológicos son una parte de nuestros cuerpos que combate contra los invasores de gérmenes que pueden hacernos enfermos. Por lo general, nuestros cuerpos pueden deshacerse de los invasores sin ningún problema. A veces, nuestros cuerpos piensan que los alimentos especiales, los animales o algunas cosas son invasores. Cuando estamos expuestos a estos invasores, nuestros cuerpos reaccionarán en legítima defensa porque están confundidos de quiénes podrían ser los peligrosos invasores. De hecho, nuestros cuerpos están tan confundidos que reaccionan excesivamente a los alergenos y nuestros cuerpos cambian en respuesta a ellos. ¡Nuestros cuerpos pueden ser dramáticos a veces!

Por ejemplo, algunos niños pueden comer cacahuetes sin ningún problema, pero en otros casos, los niños que tienen alergias a los cacahuetes tendrán una reacción contra ellos y pueden tener problemas diferentes como estar soñoliento, estornudar mucho, enrojecimiento de la piel y picazón. A veces, si nuestros cuerpos reaccionan de manera exagerada a los alérgenos, o cosas que piensa que sean invasores, puede hacernos hincharnos tanto que podemos tener problemas para respirar. Esto puede ser una gran emergencia y realmente puede causar daños si no tenemos cuidado!

¿Que puede ser un alergeno?

Cualquier cosa puede ser considerada una substancia alergena, o algo que puede causar o generar una alergia. ¡Mucha gente puede ser alérgica a muchas cosas diferentes!
Alergenos Comunes:



A veces no sabemos que somos alérgicos a una substancia en particular, hasta que somos expuestos a ella! Alerta a tus padres si te sientes extraño después de haber estado en contacto con un alimento, animal o cualquier cosa que te haga sentir extraño o fuera de lo normal.Tus padres pueden hacer una cita para hablar con un medico, un PA o una enfermera sobre tus alergias. Si te sientes mal, se puede hacer una prueba para ver si tienes alergias. Si tienes alergias,  te pueden dar medicamentos para ayudarte a sentir mejor.

 ¡Si ves a alguien que no puede respirar o se está poniendo azul, llame al 911!

Algunas personas que saben que tienen alergias malas que pueden causar una emergencia usar joyas especiales que dice cuál es su alergia.

A type I hypersensitivity, more commonly known as an allergy, is an allergic reaction that is provoked by reexposure of a specific allergen.

Source: Pathophysiology for the Health Professions (Barbara E. Gould)



Have You Found the ONE? Febreeze ONE Orchid Scent Fabric & Air Mist, 10.1 oz

When you’ve finally found the ONE, let everyone know–but don’t just say it, SPRAY IT! As a busy student with three other roommates, cleaning can quickly become a second priority and odors know no bounds! That’s why Febreze ONE Orchid Scent Fabric & Air Mist gently cleans away odors from both fabrics and in the air, all in one easy-to-use spray. Simply spray in the air and on fabrics until damp to eliminate odors.

dt_homepage_promo_oneThat funky fried fish smell ?  Just press the spray and funk be gone!  Is it a little stinky in your sinky? Just say sayonara and spray!  This  deodorizer is formulated with no aerosols, no dyes, and no heavy perfumes for pure light freshness. Its unique nozzle provides a versatile, ultra-fine mist. Pump the nozzle once for a little or three times for a continuous spray.

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This ad was brought to you by Febreeze, Influenster, Target and me! Head to your local Target to check out the new Febreze ONE Fabric & Air Mist on shelves now! Thanks for this complimentary product, Influenster!

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Steps Kara New York Social Media Launch


In Palm Wrap Dress by Jenn for Steps Kara New York

One of my favorite boutiques, Kara New York, as featured on the stunning presenters from Univisión’s Despierta America and Sal y Pimienta, is having a special social media launch and giving away $1,000 worth of gift cards and up to $150.00 off of your purchase from now through October 31! Follow them on Instagram, Facebook Twitter, and Pinterest to gain access to exclusive promotions and automatically be entered for a chance to win a $500 gift card or one of ten $50.00 gift cards, valid at all Steps New York and Kara New York Locations! Also, now through September 30th, you can get a discount off of your purchase! See coupon below and present it at the location nearest you! I am wearing a gorgeous, tropically inspired Palm Wrap Dress by Jenn. It is comfortable and perfect to wear at the office or something you can slip into at your leisure.


IG: @stepsnewyork


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Promotional Modeling: How to be a “Booth Babe”


If a 5.0 liter turbo engine producing 420 hp as it speeds around a sharp corner doesn’t get your heart pumping, I’m not sure what will! The Miami International Auto Show is one of the first stops for national product introductions on the automotive circuit and is showcasing more than a thousand new vehicles from over 40 manufacturers from around the world– a collection that auto enthusiasts wait all year to see. While customers dream about revving the engines of these hot cars, spokesmodels are hired to drive consumer demand for automotive manufacturers to produce them by directly interacting with these potential customers. As a spokesmodel, your role involves making a product or service more appealing and providing information to journalists and consumers at trade shows and convention events by encompassing the spirit and identity of the brand you represent.

If you have a passion for the automotive industry and working with the public, check out a couple of the resources I listed below to create a profile and potentially audition for a part on the tour with the nationwide automotive circuit. Don’t forget to check out the excitement at the Miami International Auto Show going on from September 10-18 at the Miami Beach Convention Center!


Productions Plus
Gail & Rice

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Banging Body Suits by American Apparel


As summer time is winding down elsewhere, things are only just beginning to heat up in Miami. My favorite low-maintenance and enticing wearable that you can sport poolside or under a pair of cutoffs, leggings, or jeans is the cotton spandex deep cut body suit by American Apparel. Mine is featured in my favorite color,”slime.” You can be slim, thick, or what they now call “slim thick.” Either way, it will work in your favor to flatter your figure. Get yours today! Shop now!

A cotton spandex bodysuit with high neckline, thong bottom and deep back with skinny straps.

• Small is approximately 22″ (56 cm) in total length

2×2 Rib U Back Bodysuit


Size shown: xs

Cotton Spandex is one of our most used fabrics. It’s smooth, of medium thickness and has a bit of stretch for a figure-flattering fit.

95% Combed Cotton, 5% Spandex


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