Laneige: When Water Meets Science-Dive Into Real Hydration


Photo Credit: Youngnan Zhou

I was ecstatic that Laneige, a Korean-based beauty brand that combines the power of water with the power of science, delivered a complimentary sample of Water Bank moisture cream to me to review for their latest campaign with Influenster!

As a long-time brand ambassador and spokesmodel for Kia Motors America, another up-and-coming innovative Korean brand, I was excited to experience other science and technology-driven products that have risen out of Asia. Also, it doesn’t hurt that my new Korean roommate eyed the brand and chimed in:

Oh it’s a Korean beauty product? It Must be good!” (She has flawless milky skin like many beautiful Asian women-I believed her!).


Since Laneige’s Water Bank moisturizer combines science and water, let’s talk a little science!

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ comprising the human body and the first line of defense against infection? If your skin is protecting you from the elements, why not give it some TLC from time to time?

If you are beaching it up or out at sea over the summer, you are likely to be tracking more than just sand back home. Sea salt may linger over your skin as well. After a dip in Miami Beach’s stunning sapphire Atlantic, you will probably notice that your skin’s outer surface feels dry but clean after a swim in the saltwater. This is because salt that stays on the skin’s surface draws out the moisture through osmosis, a process where water travels from an area of  low solute (salt) concentration to an area of high solute concentration. More simply stated, water travels to areas where there is less water.

Luckily, the Miami heat is super humid, but depending on your skin type and whether or not you are returning to an arid environment like Arizona or a heavily air conditioned office, you can find yourself completely dried out.

19244005_10103189255134198_2135948164_nSo how do moisturizers work to keep your skin from drying out? Well, your tissue is part of the issue!

There are three different layers of the skin: the outer layer (epidermis), middle layer (dermis), and lower layer made up of connective tissue (hypodermis or fatty layer). Like your skin, blood is considered to be a type of tissue. The liquid portion of your blood is called plasma and it is made up of mostly water.

Moisture is delivered to the skin through blood vessels. When you get warm, the blood vessels get bigger and travel closer to the epidermis. From there, water travels upward and outward through the epidermis before evaporating into the atmosphere.

When the moisture evaporates, its cools you off and the enlarged blood vessels cause your skin to flush. You might notice that you turn a little pink when you are warm.


A diagram of the skin. Notice that the epidermis is not directly supplied by blood vessels, but when they enlarge, or vasodilate, it is easier to deliver water from your blood vessels to the surface of the skin where you sweat it out to cool off.

Richly textured moisturizers like Laneige’s Water Bank cream works as a humectant. When it is applied over your epidermis, it traps moisture in your skin to keep it from escaping, and restores moisture in the outer layer of skin that’s already been lost. Laneige’s Water Bank has a hydroxyl group in its chemical structure, a hydrogen and an oxygen atom which love attracting water! It also fuses essential minerals like zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and sodium which helps replenish and retain ideal hydration levels, preventing your skin from drying out. If you live in an area that is super dry, pair this humectant with an occlusive like Vaseline to seal the deal! Keep moisture from escaping!

The Laneige Beauty Box compliments of Influenster

Once I signed for my package at the front desk, I noticed the playful baby and aqua blue water drop pattern packaging was inviting and cheerful! After I opened my Laneige beauty box, I was greeted with a Laneige post card (it called me gorgeous, I blushed). The Water Bank cream came with a plastic sample spoon. I dipped it into the thick, rich, cool moisturizer and gently spread it from center of my face and outward. Immediately, I felt fresh, hydrated, and noticed that it minimized the appearance of pores. My skin felt smooth and complexion appeared clearer and brighter. I definitely recommend this product to anyone with normal, oily,  dry, sensitive or combination skin for a soft, clean, smooth finish that lasts all day! Check out my previous Influenster post from the Marc Jacob’s Influenster campaign in the link below to find out how you can get your own complimentary beauty samples, housekeeping supplies, and much more delivered to your door!
Marc Jacobs Dew Drop Coconut Gel Highlighter


Location: South Pointe Park Miami, Florida

Source: Business Insider: Everyone  Should Know the Difference Between the Three Types of Moisturizers by Julia Calderone



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