Promotional Modeling: How to be a “Booth Babe”


If a 5.0 liter turbo engine producing 420 hp as it speeds around a sharp corner doesn’t get your heart pumping, I’m not sure what will! I have enjoyed many years working for Kia Motors America, the official sponsor of the NBA and the sister company of Hyundai. Kia, which literally means in Korean “to rise out of Asia,” is a unique part the auto show circuit. It evokes a positive, curious, and playful mood from its consumers.

The Miami International Auto Show is one of the first stops for national product introductions on the automotive circuit and is showcasing more than a thousand new vehicles from over 40 manufacturers from around the world– a collection that auto enthusiasts wait all year to see. While customers dream about revving the engines of these hot cars, spokesmodels are hired to drive consumer demand for automotive manufacturers to produce them by directly interacting with these potential customers.

As a spokesmodel, your role involves making a product or service more appealing and providing information to journalists and consumers at trade shows and convention events by encompassing the spirit and identity of the brand you represent.

If you have a passion for the automotive industry and working with the public, check out a couple of the resources I listed below to create a profile and potentially audition for a part on the tour with the nationwide automotive circuit. Don’t forget to check out the excitement at the Miami International Auto Show going on from September 10-18 at the Miami Beach Convention Center!


Productions Plus
Gail & Rice

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