TV Hosting in Miami ¿Tienes ganas? ¡Hazlo!

Is there no end to this city’s allure? The amount of talented people I have met in Miami has been absolutely overwhelming! Being surrounded by so many gorgeous faces and incredible personalities is yet another reason Miami has drawn me in. Though I have been able to experience being on different sets in Detroit, filming in Miami has been a different animal altogether–the charm of Latin American television is undeniable and its flavor of energy is palpable on set. The first time I had the opportunity to be on set in Miami was during the filming of Nuestra Belleza Latina, a pageantry show on Univision.

From my childhood, being a part of film and pageantry has always been part of my inner drive. Both of those passions, pageants especially, teach determination, discipline, leadership, perseverance, personal development, community involvement and philanthropy. Both film and pageants teach you how to stand out with confidence and how to represent yourself, or at least become more self-aware of body language. Through pageantry and film, women are glorified and become ambassadors to the community.

Since the talent pool in Miami is over-flooding and because I wanted to improve my accent in Spanish, I decided to take a hosting class. Communication is essential in any aspect of life, no matter what your career path may be. Below are a few resources to help hone in your hosting skills and create a reel.


Instituto Central de Locución

Miami Media School

NYFA for Broadcasting and Film


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