From the Heart of Brickell…


Photo by Andrius Stankus of World Red Eye

Every time I venture away from Miami, I always return with a newfound appreciation for it. Whether my free time is filled with beach-hopping, discovering a new restaurant or person, or attending an event, the possibilities here have proven to be endless. Just like the constant rush of the beautiful sapphire Atlantic hitting the shores of Miami Beach, the energy of this city is always refreshed. After conceptualizing a life here and moving from Detroit, Michigan, the feeling of achieving some of my visions, one of which is simply just living here, has been exceptionally rewarding.

Much of my first year in Miami, I spent away from the city on assignments as an independent contractor. Essentially, I had to leave Miami to stay here. Though my transition to this sunshine state was not an easy one, I am pleased to now have access to some of the most spectacular amenities here in Brickell. An oasis of calm and tranquility emerges from the infinity pool while the hustling and bustling of construction from the development of this city while it remains on the up-and-up fills the air around me as I enjoy lounging poolside. Join me on my journey as I design the life I want to live here in Miami, Florida. While the skyline around me is constantly being redefined, so is my life. Follow me for the wow factor.

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